Friday, November 2, 2007

baby trista

it has been really great getting to know trista this year! yes, she was our all time favorite bachelorette who found her true love ryan sutter on ABC! still going strong after getting married in 2003......they had a baby boy! maxwell alston sutter is going to be such a little heart breaker!!

wanna get your own "waah..." olive onesie?
go to

trista and i both share similar passion for baby, gifts and getaway..... this is what she had to say :)

"Grace has been incredibly sweet to us and we just love what she carries. We share a similar passion in gift-giving and all things baby, and I love to see women going out and fulfilling their dreams. Continued success, Grace!!
:) Trista

trista is also an entreprenuer! she started her baby diaper bag business. check out her website!


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