Thursday, December 27, 2007

it's time to get organized...

if we had a nickel for every time we said "i need to get myself organized!" we would be millionaires by now! :) it's TIME to make a resolution that you're going to keep this year. as a friendly reminder, get this folder for yourself (or a disorganized friend) at pink olive and remind yourself what you need to do every day. in celebration of the new 2008 year, get 8% off all purchases until january 8th, 2008. enter code: GETORGANIZED

for those who need more than just a folder to get organized, have an expert help you!

start your new year with an ORGANIZING PARTY!

INVITE your friends over and learn as the spacialist shows all the possible ways to get your home up and running the way you've always dreamed of. you and your friends will have all the techniques to create an organized home. it's the perfect combination of function and fun!

with some drinks, snacks and the spacialist, your party is bound to be the talk of the town! want more details? go to

happy organizing!


p.s. get 25% off all christmas items!

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