Tuesday, March 3, 2009

as rare as pink olive...

for many of us small business owners, starting our own business has always been a dream and wondered when it may come true. my dream of owning my own boutique came true on may 5, 2007 when Pink Olive opened it's doors in east village, manhattan. since then, i have learned that running a small business involves wearing many, many hats (good thing, i love hats!) and constantly evolving. i have always enjoyed sharing my story with others (and what i did to get here) and would love the opportunity to share what i have learned with other aspiring entrepreneurs around the country.

right now, intuit has a great opportunity for business owners to share a business tip and possibly win a significant business grant. please take a moment to click here and read my story. when you are done, make sure you rate it at the bottom and send it to a friend :)

thanks again for all your support and helping me to continue living my dream!

wish me luck!!

p.s. be sure to check out our blog and be in the loop! thanks again to gotham for featuring us as the new "go-to gift shop" in new york!

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