Thursday, April 16, 2009

pink olive is knacked up...

i am SO excited to carry these amazing cake plate stands created by lovely barb blair from knack studios. here is a sneak peak! barb is a woman of many talents and pleased to showcase a part of her work at Pink olive! these awesome cake stands (or you can use them for cupcakes too!) is the perfect "affordable" gift for mother's day coming up!

as these plates are one-of-a-kind, please contact us and let us know if there was one you were interested in and we will put it aside for you.

happy "knack" shopping!


  1. yay!! That is so fun....thank you! xo

  2. Love these!! Isn't she the most inspiring with her creativity!?! I love the retro plates with those great stands. I so want one.
    ~dee :)

  3. yeah, she's really amazing! :) i can't wait to visit her in SC soon :)


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