Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rain, rain, go away! plus DIY contest...

With the impending summer break from school comes the inevitable rainy days where playing outside just isn't an option. For days like that we suggest DIY craft activities to bide the time.

One of our favorites is Softies, which walks you step-by-step through 25 quirky designs for soft plush toys ranging in difficultly level from easy to challenging. Each design clearly lists what materials are needed, the finished size to expect and the difficultly level making it easy to pick and choose! Aside from being a great all day bonding activity it requires everyone involved to find their creative voice - such an important form of expression, with the added bonus of a thoughtful, meaningful gift for someone special!

As a special incentive to go DIY, we are running a FUN, DIY contest at Pink Olive. From now until July 8th (my birthday :), submit your DIY softie to Pink Olive. one lucky winner will have the opportunity to have their softie sold at Pink Olive (both in store and online). Good luck! All entries should be mailed to: Pink Olive 439 East 9th St. NY, NY 10009.


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