Friday, June 26, 2009

to place or not to place.... the delicious food i mean~

the placemat collection my family had growing up remains a vivid memory for me. after all, meal time = family time and we religiously had dinner as a family with our placemats to catch all the stray spaghetti that missed our mouths. inevitably, all the placemats got worn and torn, with tong marks from angry forks and doodles here and there.

deborah zemke's doodles at dinner is sure to make your meal time a FUN occasion. each of the 36 tear-out placemats teaches your little one (or even you) how to draw a new animal and gives an interesting little factoid with room for imagination.

whether they end up on your fridge for all to see or with tomato sauce to salvage, these placemats are sure to make each meal a memorable experience for the whole family!


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