Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"just right" for mama and baby...

at Pink Olive, we are always on the hunt for that perfect gift for mama + baby that is safe and organic. we are excited to introduce BABYBEARSHOP, an organic skincare line developed by a mother in need of pure products for her baby with allergies. BABYBEARSHOP is committed to creating high quality, eco-conscious products for mama and baby that is all-natural and safe for the environment as well.

mama belly oil is the perfect gift for mamas-to-be for protection against stretch marks. made of natural ingredients, this oil for the blossoming skin goes on light and is quickly absorbed. the aromatic oils of lavender, chamomile, and red mandarin are calming and uplifting to the pregnant belly. great for adding to a bath or using as a massage oil for those tired muscles and aching feet for a truly relaxing experience. can be used for baby massage, too.

the cheeky baby butter is an all natural, organic, nutrient rich, ultra-hydrating shea butter perfect for soothing baby's dry skin and chapped cheeks. also great on mama's dry skin, wrinkles (not that you have any), scars, and stretch marks. contains lavender and chamomile, which is conducive to a peaceful sleep. use as a nutrient-rich hydrating massage crème for tired mamas + scrumptious babies.

happy "mama+baby" shopping!

p.s. the sock monkeys for charity fresh art continue to fly off the shelves! please come by the shop to see some of our newest additions! :)

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