Wednesday, October 28, 2009

you can have the cake and display it too... KNACK cakestands are back!

i LOVE anything that has to do with cakes.... CUPcakes, BIRTHDAY cakes, MINIcakes! they are so cute and sweet~ they need to be properly displayed for the world to see!

what better way to showcase these delicious cupcakes and cakes than with these one-of-a-kind vintage handmade cake stands by knack studios!

each one is better than the next... you will want to collect them all. it's the perfect gift for a house party or for anyone who loves to have fun in the kitchen.

come by our east village store and pick up your very own knack cake stand!



  1. oh you are so speaking my language. cake, cake, cake, pie. yes, these can also accommodate those that don't obsess over cake. they can beautifully display the most luscious of pies.

  2. absolutely!! pies and and also savory bites too! i just displayed mine all over my EAT table! :)

  3. Such a sweet post...... Love it.....



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