Wednesday, August 18, 2010

it's cool to go back to school.... PLUS get FREE shipping!‏

It's never been this FUN to go back to school.

1. Old school letter set $15.95
The old school letter set is a super cute set to write notes to classmates and pen-pals! Comes with stickers, letters and envelopes.

2. Handmade kitty crayon set $26
Who can resist crayons that look like kittys? it's time to get imaginative and doodle away!

3. French chalkboard set $26
We just got in these french chalkboard sets with chalk and eraser included. These are great for kids to play with and even families to write "room clean up" lists in! It's cool to be old school. Our fellow DailyCandy editors seems to think so too!

Ladybug backpack $48
There's nothing better than to have your lucky ladybug friend on your back on the 1st day of school. Stash all your little goodies including your 50cents for milk.

5. Yum-yum bento box book $16.95
It's all about being kawaii at Pink Olive. Need i say more?

6. Nerdy dexter keychain doll $12
It's never been so cool to be a nerd. Clip this on your backpack or belt loop. You never know, dexter might actually do your homework.

7. Small objects labels & stickers $12
The small objects label & stickers set is super fun for kids AND adults. It comes with 30 pages of funny stickers to put on books, packages, notes... just about anywhere! Did someone say forehead? Anything goes with small objects!

Japanese masking tape $12
Japanese masking tape is the latest trend to pretty much decorate anything! Tear of a little piece and tape a note on your refrigerator door or bare wall. It will surely bring a smile to even paying your bills for school!

Mini-goals notepad $12
It's all about making goals this year. Make it FUN and with this cute and clever notepad and get things D-O-N-E! Procrastinators are SO LY!

Be sure to check back each week on our Deals page for special offers for limited time. This week, enjoy FREE shipping with any $50 purchase.
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Happy "back to school" Shopping!


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