Thursday, October 28, 2010

Want to smell delicious?

{photos by saipua}

We are SO excited to open up a fresh batch of saipua soaps!  They make the whole shop smell scrumptious.... YUM!

Curious to find out how they are made?  Brooklyn based co-owners Eric Famisan and Sarah Ryhanen carefully craft these soaps in small batches using food-grade vegetable oils, butters, herbs and extracts. each bar is hand cut, air dried and cured in the saipua workshop. All the soaps are free of artificial dyes and fragrances, scented instead with essential oils and herbs in wonderful varieties like coffee mint, lavender oatmeal, and rosemary chamomile. They leave the skin feeling silky soft and ultra moisturized. Then it is beautifully wrapped up with love in stunning patterned paper and hand stamped. 

And did we mention that they smell delicious? But don’t take our word for it! Stop into Pink Olive and pick out a few for yourself, your sister, your mom, your best friend, the bride to be….

That's what i call a perfect "smelling" gift!


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