Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas is almost here...

Christmas is almost here and Santa’s elves are working overtime! Luckily, Pink Olive can give them a little break from making toys by having lots of great stocking stuffers to choose from.  From handmade soaps, cute stamp sets, harmonicas, yo-yos, to stuffed animals, scented blowing bubbles, key chains and all sorts of other things, we’ve got the elves’ list covered. 

And Santa gets a break this year from all those rooftop deliveries with Pink Olive’s bike messenger service! Available for same day delivery in Manhattan, we’ll bring your purchase right to your front door. 

Also, for those on Santa’s list who forgot to tell him what they wanted, he can use Pink Olive’s concierge service.  He just has to tell us a little about whom the gift is for, and our gift experts will help him pick out something great.

Of course, all of these services aren’t just for Santa and his elves, you can use them too!  Happy Holidays. We hope to see you in the shop!


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