Friday, February 4, 2011

friday ~ eye candy gifts at NYIGF!

This week we went to NYIGF to check what was new and exciting in the gift world...phew, all that walking was a full work-out! It was great to see what our usual favorite lines were working on, as well as finding new artists doing fun work. Big kudos to Justine from Snow & Graham for having donuts at her booth! Just what we needed mid-day :)
With that said, there will be many new goodies coming into the stores the next upcoming months, so stay tuned!
Here is a sneak peek at our finds:

{new blabla duo! Balthazar the magician and his comely assistant}

{many new tutus by creative pamela}

{pencil coin banks, how cute huh? They also had ice cream cone ones!}

{maileg's booth looked like a fairy tale, we set camp there for quite a while...hard to leave! }

{finally i won't run for the hill seeing these critters}

{vintage-inspired craft organizers and tapes}

{retro tape dispensers}

hope you have a great weekend!

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