Friday, February 18, 2011

Pink Olive Book Review: "Every Day's A Holiday"

{EVERY DAY'S A HOLIDAY by Heidi Kenney}

Created by arts and crafts-er extraordinaire Heidi Kenney, founder of My Paper Crane, Every Day’s A Holiday  is a fun and creative guide for celebrating each special holiday—from Valentine’s Day and Christmas to Eat Your Veggies Day and Ice Cream Day!

Every Day’s A Holiday is filled with vibrant images(and as in the case of Doughnut Day’s “Marzipan Doughnuts”—mouth watering!), which are enough to make you stop whatever you’re doing and get down to crafting. Although they range in difficulty, the activities--with their comprehensive ‘supplies’ list, and Kenney’s thorough instructions—can easily be enjoyed by the whole family….or a single Pink Olive gal in her 20s! (While this book is theoretically intended for kids and their parents, I am veeeery tempted to go home and bake a batch of Mardi Gras Meringues, or sew up some (albeit a little late) Valentine’s Day Felted Love Bugs!

From the super cute Styrofoam and Spackle Faux Cupcakes of April Fool’s Day, to the extremely beautiful fabric Poppies of Memorial Day, Every Day’s A Holiday provides tons of opportunities to make delightful creations all by yourself— or, even better—with the people you love!


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