Thursday, March 17, 2011

wedding details...

{Pink Olive founder Grace Kang & Michael Reynnells}
{wedding cake by BCakeNY and "we do" ring plate by rae dunn}
{wedding invitations by Rifle Paper & Co and calligraphy by Love, Jenna}
{word nests w/message given to each guest - from Pink Olive}
{vintage books from Pink Olive}

{vintage tin from Pink Olive}

{vintage globe from Pink Olive}
{flowers from Quatrecoeur  and bridesmaid dresses by Carol Hannah}

{vintage necklace and frame from Pink Olive}

{handmade hearts by Jenna Kim and guests}
{custom wooden guest book by etsy artist bragging bags}
{programs by Rifle Paper & Co}

{photobooth by Weddings by Two}

{good times!}

{happy couple ~ m+g}

Your wedding day is the most special day in your life.  Everyone wants to cherish the memories and remember that feeling of pure happiness.  As a boutique owner, I had so much fun pulling together all the different elements for this special day (with the help from mr of course ;).  From picking out the "we do" ring plates to sprinkling the venue with my vintage inspirational props from Pink Olive, it was as intimate and special as any girl could have dreamed for her wedding day.  

Special thanks to Weddings by Two and Miha Matei for capturing these amazing moments and to 100 Layer Cake for the special feature!


grace kang
founder & chief buyer, Pink Olive

Pink Olive is a whimsical boutique filled with beautiful gifts that make you smile.  We make gifting fun, easy and attainable for little ones to loved ones.


  1. Hey, there's a photo of me in one of your photos! Fab-est wedding ever! xoxo

    Amazing details everywhere you looked.

  2. thanks annette! that was one of my FAVORITE photos... it really captured the jovial spirit of the wedding! :) glad you were "in" it :)


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