Sunday, April 3, 2011

BOYS are cool in their FAT tie tees!

{photo by fat tie tees}

 “So many cute clothes for little girls, but…what about for little boys??”  That’s a question we hear a lot here at Pink Olive, but with the new addition of Fat Tie, an incredibly adorable line of boy’s tee-shirts, we are one step closer to never hearing it again!
Made out of 100% soft cotton, Fat Tie tees come in sizes from 12 months to 4 years,and in a variety of colors.  All of the tees feature the Fat Tie signature—very charming, multi-colored “ties”! My personal favorite is the ‘Franklin’ tee.  All of the tees are distinguished using cute boy’s names and super hip! 
According to the designer, Fat Tie tees are for “kids who mean business!” We couldn’t agree more—we love them and know you will, too!


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  1. Honestly, I wish they made these for adults...

  2. i hear you.. they are uber cute :)


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