Thursday, May 19, 2011

Paper Lover's DREAM at NSS!

Have you ever felt like a kid in a candy store.... as an adult?  Well, I feel fortunate to feel like that everyday at Pink Olive but this week, I had the pleasure of feeling like a kid again at the National Stationery Show in NYC. 

Here are some of our favorite finds that might peak your curiosity!


YES, you heard it here!  We are making a prediction that whales will become the next "new" owl! :) A couple of weeks ago, our lovely artist Kristiana Parn surprised us with her latest creation - Counting the Waves and it sold out in two seconds!  We now have a waiting list of her mounted print on wood.  Hmm... lightbulb! 

But then... as we walked into the world of Owlabama, we realized that we spoke too soon. Owls are still HOT at Night Owl Paper Goods!

Maybe it's the tree {meaning of life and our Pink Olive tree} but we are LOV~ing anything that's on wood. Totally digging this new line that we found... they do these amazing letter burn-out wood banners and keepsakes for special occasions!

We had to take a little break to check out our new cookbook selection at the Chronicles books (WAIT 'til you see some of their new releases! It's our biggest order yet!)

Especially loving their NEW collaboration with one of my favorite designers Anna and Nathan Bond from Rifle Paper Co. (I guess you can say that I'm a little biased considering she designed my wedding invitations last Fall :)

Her new collection BLEW me away! All the gold metallic that was infused in her collection looked so fresh and NEW and loved this new bug print!  Kawaii!

...and what can I say, Paris is still IN! Bonjour!

We can't forget the icing on the cake - the wrappers, the twines, stamps and galore! The selling on these fabric gift wraps have been HOT-cakes since they were featured on the TODAY show last week and now we're here for more!

Let's jazz it up with some metallic twines!

So here's a list of your TO DO:
1. Don't forget to type us a note.

2. Google to FIND us.

3. Drop by the shop to say "Hello!" Our store manager Eli is super sweet!  What's the sign behind her you ask? It says, "Love More, Think More, Give More."  I couldn't agree MORE :)

If you're nice, she might even give you something sweet! 


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  1. I missed the show this year :( Nice post, love Rifle Paper Co & NOPG :) whales great, too!


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