Thursday, June 2, 2011

5 Secrets to Living Well.... you will thank us for it :)

Hello sexy, are you ready for this revolutionary tip?

So many of our loved ones are falling prey to so many chronic degenerative diseases.  Are you going to stand still and wait for it to come to you? Or are you going to grab the bull by the horns and do something about it?

We recently came across Kris Carr and her book, Crazy Sexy Diet, and we are feeling completely inspired! Some habits might be hard to break {hello, afternoon coffee}, but Kris Carr offers simple and manageable tips to making changes in our daily life. This book will completely rock your world, your DIET and your relationships.  You will thank us for it :)  Talk about a reading health book that is totally real, engaging and FUN!

This month we are tackling 5 small steps to better living, and hope you'll join us too:
1. Try a new healthy smoothie from Crazy Sexy Diet.  We are already addicted to the Green Juice!

2. Take the time to say thank you & send someone a note.  No one gets a thoughtful snail mail these days.... why not surprise them and make their day?  Happy Smile = Happy Life!

3. Go through your beauty products and check the back for any of these toxic ingredients. Local skincare line Om Aroma is all organic and strives to living life gorgeously!  {Special BONUS for the month of June - you will get a FREE organic Fresh Face Fix facial, a $35 value, when you spend $35 here.}

4. Learn how to fabric gift wrap.... virtually everything!  Did I mention that this wrap was recently featured on The TODAY show?  They seem to agree :)

5. Shop at your local farmer's market and remember to take your reusable tote bag.  You will be amazed how much veggies will fit in one.  Give it a whirl!

Who needs a Phd when you can get pH 101 from THE Kris Carr and living well tips from Pink Olive.  So take ACTION now!  What can you change in your DIET or daily regime that can make you live a better life... inside & out? 

Leave a comment below and tell us which tip you are going to tackle this week!


p.s. A BIG, warm welcome to all of the new readers who joined the Pink Olive family!  Our team is working like busy bees to find the most beautiful gifts that make you  Whether you're a newly~auntie, newly~wed, newly~mom to newly~preneur, we have you covered.  We are committed to creating a place to inspire giving and beautiful living.


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  1. Thanks for these awesome tips! & I LOVE my fabric gift wrap by chewing the cud :) it's so fun to do furoshiki-style wrapping with it


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