Thursday, July 31, 2008

i scream, you scream....

it's time for pink olive ice cream!
shhh....for only TWO bucks!

everyday many wishes are made. some wishes come true and some disappear into thin air. we thought we were dreaming but wishes do come true at pink olive! "did someone scream for pink olive flavor ice cream?"
homemade by our lovely friends over at alphabet scoop, each mouth-watering bite will have you aching for more strawberry and green marshmallow swirls.

to celebrate such special occasion in "ice scream" style, come by pink olive and purchase our ice cream scented bubble and you will get a scoop of our exclusive ice scream at alphabet scoop for only TWO bucks! and it goes both ways! any customer who goes to alphabet scoop to partake in this delicious ice cream can purchase our scented bubble for only TWO bucks! how's that for a deal! we've been told that TWO is always better than one...

we are all kids at heart. it's time to scream and be happy at pink olive... and at alphabet scoop too!

happy ice cream day!

p.s. be sure to check out what's new each week! we have some exciting products lined up at pink olive!!

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