Sunday, November 22, 2009

it's time to bring good luck to family and home...

Pink Olive is really excited to introduce the utterly adorable danish designed maileg collection to the store. you, too, will quickly fall in love with the old fashioned scandinavian charm of the timeless, classic children’s toys and the handcrafted Christmas decorations.

have you met the danish pixy family yet?
pixy elves are a very old and favorite tradition of scandinavian christmases. each family farm is believed to have their very own pixy guardian spirit that will help out with the chores like grooming horses, baling hay and other farm tasks. to keep the little pixy satisfied, you must leave a little bowl of hot buttered porridge out on christmas eve. the pixy will leave presents in return.

now you can start your own pixy family tradition with the handmade cotton pixy ornaments or count down the days on the whimsical 5 foot tall pixy advent calendar. hide little gifts in each of his 24 individual pockets for little ones to find. these pixies will certainly be enjoyed and remembered by the family for years to come.

this christmas, if you are looking for unique toys with a nostalgic touch or longstanding decorations sure to become a favorite, come to Pink Olive and get swept away.

happy "pixy" shopping!


Pink Olive is a whimsical boutique that specializes in unique gifts for happiness and home. We are pleased to bring to our stores an eclectic mix of local artists and brands around the world for a truly "unique" experience.

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