Thursday, November 12, 2009

There's a FOODIE in all of us.... EAT and SHOP at Pink Olive!

no matter what our background or personal characteristic may be, there is something about FOOD that connects us all together. it's usually something we grew up eating that makes us feel good, warm and safe on the inside. as we prepare ourselves for the winter months ahead, let's cherish the "foodie" in all of us. at Pink Olive, we aspire to make people happy by immersing ourselves with whimsical items that are not only creative but also remind us about our favorite sweet and savory treats. seriously, who doesn't want to think about tacos all day long and use this pouch? start each day inspired with word mugs and find a great recipe to cook for your loved one. the choices are endless!

come by our shop this weekend* with this flyer and get 10% off anything that makes you think about food. here are some of our top picks to wet your appetite:

1. one-of-a kind cake stands $24-$28
2. piggy "going to the market" jotter notepad $8.50
3. sunday soups cookbook $19.50
4. mediterranean kitchen spray $18
5. handmade taco pouch $15
6. word mugs $12
7. simply breakfast photo prints $30 (get 2 for $50)
8. pestos tapenades & spreads cookbook $16.95

it's good to be a foodie...

happy shopping!


*offer is valid from friday, nov 13th to sunday, nov 15th.

Pink Olive is a whimsical boutique that specializes in unique gifts for happiness and home. We are pleased to bring to our stores an eclectic mix of local artists and brands around the world for a truly "unique" experience.

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