Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's time to celebrate dad...

if you are looking for ways to remind dad how great he is, stop into Pink Olive for some inspiration!

why not treat him to something sweet? try making some home made whoopie pies from the recipes in the whoopie pies book. he’ll appreciate the time and effort and so will his sweet tooth. pair it up with a hot cup of coffee and a "sea of dad’s with moustaches" happy father’s day card.

if dad enjoys cooking, choose a selection of cookbooks at Pink Olive, including pestos, tapenades, and spreads or fresh from the farmer's market. pair it up with the fruit and vegetables letter pressed greeting card that says “you are good for me”.

make dad a scrapbook with all of your favorite memories together. use japanese rice paper tape to help decorate and add color to the pages.

mail dad a heartfelt letter adorned with the small objects labels and stickers and of course your thoughtful sentiments.

most of all, try to spend time with him if you can or call him and tell him how much you LOVE him!


p.s. give your dad something he will remember! post your thoughtful gift on our facebook page and we will email you a special code to use on your next purchase! happy daddy's day!

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