Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Cooking

Believe it or not, Summer is just a couple days away! We are so excited to start cooking up new recipes and baking some summer treats with all the new books we got at the shop. Here are some we'd like to share with you:

"Fresh From the Farmer's Market" is a new book we just got in the shop that's great for sustainable shoppers. It has 75 delicious recipes for locally grown farm fresh fruits and vegetables. This book is great as it teaches you about the different produce seasons and even how to can them to enjoy year-long.

"Farmer's Market Desserts" is the treats version of the book mentioned above. It separates the book by produce season and also tells you a little bit about each produce: from what area it is usually grown in, to best varieties available.

Recipes we are anxious to try include:
carrot orange layer cake, strawberries and cream cake roll, & lemon goat cheese souffle cakes...YUM.

Last but not least, the "I {heart} Macarons" book is high on our "Summer To-Do List"...because making macarons at home and enjoying a glass of wine with friends is much cheaper than booking a flight to Paris :)

happy weekend foodies! :)


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